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Decks and Fences

Durable and Low Maintainence

Classic Look with None of the Headaches

Our PVC composite wheat straw decks offer the classic wood grain look without the hassle of high maintenance.

It is custom-shaped to your requirements, solid form and does not squeak like hollow PVC. The vinyl surface of the deck is non-skid, so it protects feet from floor burns. And, unlike wood, it can't cause splinters.

All of our vinyl deck and fence products are a great way to ensure that you'll hardly need to maintain them again! Unlike other decks and fences, they never need repainting, sanding or staining. They are also available with attractive features like light-up glow rails and fences

Prefer Standard PVC? We Have That Too...

Our PVC decks are manufactured from a custom blend with chemically-balanced ingredients for superior beauty, durability, and lasting performance. The two-piece honeycomb hides the fasteners for a beautiful and secure installation. It is also made with UV Inhibitors to protect it from the sun.

These decks have the same non-skid surface to protect feet from floor burns and can't cause splinters. The ribbed pattern of the surface makes for a comforting feel on feet. Deck boards can also be finished with several trim options in white, tan, or grey.


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